Iguana Wana
Branding and Advertising
Watching a husband and wife team follow their dreams in the opening of a new Mexican restaurant in the fast growing area of southeastern Wisconsin led to new branding, advertising, menus and social media presence.

Opportunity: A husband and wife team came to Wisconsin to realize their dream of opening a Mexican restaurant. They believed that Pleasant Prairie was at the heart of growth and wanted to be a part of it, and set out to open their new restaurant, Iguana Wana. This create opportunity for new restaurant materials and marketing.


Here’s how we helped: 

Messaging & Menus: Iguana Wana is a vibrant, energetic and high-end mexican restaurant offering authentic, traditional cuisine. We wanted to capture their story with use of imagery that feels native to Mexico while showcasing their vibrance with pops of bright colors throughout this piece. They are very proud of the creativity that goes into each dish so we have a full description of everything they offer. That being said, there is lot to take in so it was important for us to keep this piece clean and easy to find a dish that appeals to the customer.

Advertising: Advertising was a part of the mix, and included advertising for key seasons and celebrations such as Cinco de Mayo, specials on drinks and happy hour, COVID carry-outs and more.



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