This is how we work.
Have you ever tried to explain to someone what you do for a living? Many of you have highly complex businesses driven by technology and changing markets. Like you, it’s not always easy explaining what we do or how we add value.
Very simply, we tell stories.
Your story.
We help solve communications problems. We do this in a variety of ways using the most up-to-date digital and marketing methods.
Our favorite stories to tell are the ones that our client is passionate about or the ones that cause the most uncertainty. What might seem like a challenging communications dilemma could be our favorite gem to uncover.
Our sweet spot

We work with organizations and help them achieve the following business objectives:

  • Employee performance and morale
  • Confidence in leadership direction
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Margin and growth communications
  • Name or brand recognition
  • Communicating tough news
  • Alignment in achieving business results
We serve Fortune 100 corporations, especially health care companies.
We also serve small companies and non-profit organizations and align budgets accordingly. Our focus remains you – your story, your challenges, your dilemmas and your opportunities. Based on your needs and objectives, we put the right plan together for you.
Marketing Communications Planning and Strategy
It all starts with a good plan. We can help organize and think through best approaches, along with a solid timeline.
Advertising and Branding
Whether it’s a new campaign or a new brand, we love to uncover the hidden treasure in your work.
Change Management, Issues Management and Public Relations
Sometimes challenges occur. It’s a reality of business. We can help you leverage sound communications to deliver a tough message, undergo change, or simply engage your employees.
Video, Website or Podcast Production
Digital communications continues to grow – in demand and effectiveness. We can help determine if this is the right channel for you.
Our purpose is to help you shine.
Women’s Care Center – Milwaukee
The GEM team created a video that focused on the local impact the Women’s Care Center has by highlighting the adoption story of Kellan.
Supply Chain Communications
Performance and culture were transformed through an integrated employee communications program that included a number of key elements.
New Awards Program
The GEM team developed the branding for a new, annual awards program and continues to lead the communications efforts related to this prestigious program.
Discover your brilliance
Tell us what you’re proud of. Tell us your challenge. We can help.
Featured Project