We’re a full-fledged virtual agency.
Basically, we don’t have to ask you to help pay our heating and cooling bills.

Not every day you hear that now, is it?
Our talent has no boundaries.
We bring together the best of the best to help tell your story.
Our gems
Most gemstones today are created naturally. But there are some that are fabricated synthetically, you know…made up. Rest assured, GEM is the real deal.

Margie Mandli

Dreamer & Connector

Rebecca Lindley

Storytelling Rock Star

Tom Binder

Formulator of Ideas

Kristin Finaldi

Graphics Nurturer

Theresa Wilmot

Visual Problem Solver

You know that part in a movie when they role the credits? Well thanks for hanging around to see those that contribute to our core team!
While we each are independent in our businesses, the members of GEM work together to help you shine.
We even bring in other professionals when needed, like a gaffer or a key grip, whatever those are.
How it all started
GEM was inspired by Principal Margie Mandli’s children, Gianna, Elliana and Matthew.
It’s through them – gems given by God – that she and her husband find true purpose in life…by shaping, encouraging and enabling them to be the best they can be in all that life presents them. No amount of communications or marketing can be successful if there is not a fundamental belief in who you are and your own gems.

GEM works to establish and identify those reasons to believe – your brilliance – and helps express those reasons through strategic marketing and communications.
“It has the glory of God and a radiance like a very rare jewel, like jasper, clear as crystal.”
Rev. 21:11
Our purpose is to help you shine.
Women’s Care Center – Milwaukee
The GEM team created a video that focused on the local impact the Women’s Care Center has by highlighting the adoption story of Kellan.
Supply Chain Communications
Performance and culture were transformed through an integrated employee communications program that included a number of key elements.
New Awards Program
The GEM team developed the branding for a new, annual awards program and continues to lead the communications efforts related to this prestigious program.
Discover your brilliance
Tell us what you’re proud of. Tell us your challenge. We can help.