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Recognizing two individuals from 14 sites from across the globe, our team developed the branding for a new awards program, served as the onsite producer for this grand recognition event, and produced compelling videos and messages that captured the unforgettable stories of heroic work by every day employees.

Opportunity: A large health care company set out to improve recognition of employees across a supply chain organization, which spans 14 sites in the global network. The goal was to recognize behaviors of individuals who achieved excellence in the past year. Individuals recognized were both non-exempt and exempt level across all functions.

Awards Program Logo: The Keystone Awards was designed and created for this program..

An Awards Album: A new Awards Album was designed as a memento to each participant. Each page contained the individual photo and description of their accomplishments.

Keystone Video was produced to showcase the winners of the given year.

On-site Production was a key component of this project, whereby the GEM team captured and merchandised the event through photos, video, Powerpoint and stories beyond the day of the event.

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Women’s Care Center – Milwaukee
The GEM team created a video that focused on the local impact the Women’s Care Center has by highlighting the adoption story of Kellan.
Supply Chain Communications
Performance and culture were transformed through an integrated employee communications program that included a number of key elements.
New Awards Program
The GEM team developed the branding for a new, annual awards program and continues to lead the communications efforts related to this prestigious program.
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