Our Method
This is how we work.
GEM quickly partners with highly talented professionals who share our values:
Relationships – we’re in this together, so trust is at the heart of our work.
Flexibility – like light bending through a gemstone, we recognize there is not just one way to approach a solution. We customize our approach based on you.
Service & Integrity – we’re here to serve you and your business by doing the right thing.
Excellence – have you ever seen a pearl in an oyster? Of course you haven’t, because it’s hidden. By focusing on the possibilities and not the limitations, we will help you shine brilliantly.
Mark Twain once said…
“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”
Smart man. Many agencies make the mistake of delivering bells and whistles without proper thought about the words being delivered.
If you have something to communicate, words are very important.
We work with organizations and help them achieve the communication between departments, rolling out a new initiative, messaging a restructuring or just trying to increase employee engagement, GEM will customize a practical approach for you.
An in-depth analysis of your needs provides a greater insight.
We are able to help with the tangible items such as a speech, a carefully crafted e-mail, a newsletter, video, training materials, and who knows? Maybe even a jar for bugs. Rest assured, you can relax and catch lightning bugs instead of lightning (ouch!) with GEM’s help. Straw hats not included.
Our purpose is to help you shine.
Women’s Care Center – Milwaukee
The GEM team created a video that focused on the local impact the Women’s Care Center has by highlighting the adoption story of Kellan.
Supply Chain Communications
Performance and culture were transformed through an integrated employee communications program that included a number of key elements.
New Awards Program
The GEM team developed the branding for a new, annual awards program and continues to lead the communications efforts related to this prestigious program.
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