All Saints Catholic School
Branding, Marketing, & Video
In just 10 years, this school grew to be a preeminent Catholic school in southeastern Wisconsin. GEM helped to spearhead the initial branding, marketing materials, video work, and communications in times of difficult change.


Opportunity: Four Catholic schools merged and all 10 parishes came together to support the opening of a new Catholic School over 10 years ago. The school has been through the ups and downs of sustaining a strong Catholic school. Communications has been integral for key milestones. Although GEM led the communications and marketing for the opening of the school and through major changes, they’ve partnered with various agencies and experts throughout the school’s life-span.


Here’s how we helped:

Public Relations: Media outreach has been key in sharing various news related to opening the campuses, consolidating campuses, and introducing new leadership. Issues management that resulted in school closings and merging was also managed through proactive public relations and parent communications. Direct communications – both face-to-face and e-mail – was used to allay fears of parents’ from merging schools.


Marketing: Throughout the past 10 years, a combination of direct mail, email, town hall meetings and advertising was used to manage stakeholders.


Brand Management: A new logo, mission, vision and values were created.


Video and digital: An overview video and new web site was created to set the tone of this new school. GEM produced all videos related to the school and contributed content to website and social media channels.



Brochure using new logo and branding













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