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Downtown Kenosha is becoming a hub for arts, entertainment and growth. We helped this church create a name for itself through an up-to-date and modern website that still underscored its beauty and tradition.

Opportunity: St. Elizabeth and St. James parishes are in the heart of downtown Kenosha. The pastor set out to distinguish these parishes as the “downtown Catholic community,” appealing to a young and more vibrant audience. A refresh of their website was in order.




Here’s how we helped: 

Branding: GEM led the branding and messaging aspect of this new website. “Where the Catholic tradition began in Kenosha…and continues,” is the tagline we produced as a way to promote the heritage and the tradition that young people search for. In addition, we highlighted the location as an attractive urban area for young people.


Photography: GEM also identified imagery as a way to bring life to this community — showcasing the various facets of the sacred life of these parishes.


Website Design: GEM partnered with Westwords Consulting on the build-out of the site. GEM provided the architecture and content and provided overall direction to the feel of the site.


Forms Management: We also proposed the use of forms for all events and class registrations. Today, the parish uses forms management as a way to collect information for registering.

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