Why a Communications Strategy?


It’s hard to count the number of times we’re approached by prospective clients and hear, “I need a brochure,” or “Can you create a newsletter for us?” These seem like easy-enough requests, right?  In theory, they are. However, often times what we find during our initial discussions and discovery is that there is way more going on in a client’s business besides the need for one communications tool. 

Maybe you know that you need a strategy and the thought of creating one is overwhelming. Perhaps you have a strategy that needs to be refined or you don’t have the employee bandwidth to execute. Simplifying this process for you – creating a comprehensive strategy, collaboratively executing on the strategy and delivering quantifiable results – is our wheelhouse. 

We almost always find that a client is looking for us to create a specific piece or tool – a brochure, newsletter, website, etc. – that can quickly put a bandage on ‘what’s missing.’ And what we determine is that a specific tool is just one part of a comprehensive strategy that can quickly address unmet needs, build momentum, create a steady cadence, and elevate culture and performance. A robust and sustainable marketing and communications program will not only address your immediate need but will help garner results in multiple business areas. 

During our initial discovery discussion, our team engages with prospective clients in an open dialogue and asks a series of questions to better understand the current state. Here is a sample of a few of the questions we may start with: 

  1. Tell us more about the challenge you’re trying to solve. 
  2. What communications tools exist today? 
  3. Describe the current culture of your company (driven, fast-paced, high-spirited, etc.).
  4. Describe your ideal state of employee culture. 
  5. What do your customers value or want?

When creating a communications strategy, we keep the following principles top of mind: 

  • Brand – We will ensure that we either create and/or adhere to your brand. 
  • Customer – Whether internal, external or both, our strategy will recommend tools that are relevant and speak directly to your customer. 
  • Budget – Budgets are limited. We get it. We’ll create a plan and approach that meets your budget. 

Rather than telling you what to do, we want to collaborate with you. We want to be a part of your team – have a seat at the table – help you solve business challenges through purposeful, targeted communications. A comprehensive communications strategy is one of the best decisions you can make for your company, customers, and employees. We want to help tell your story and make your business shine.

About Rebecca
After leaving her corporate job for better work-life balance, Rebecca joined GEM as a senior communications consultant where she wears a variety of hats. She develops comprehensive communications programs for high-performing companies, leads projects, and manages client relationships. Her talent is in translating complex topics into stories that connect diverse audiences. 

“You can make Anything by writing.” – C.S. Lewis 

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